a boyfriend and girlfriend are watching a movie. the guy opens a big bag of chip. he offers the girl some, but she says no. once he's finished the chip the guy gets up and goes to the kitchen, bringing back a quart of ice cream. he offers the girl some. she declines again. After polishing off the ice cream the guy then gets up and comes back with a jug of orange juice and two glasses. the girl gets mad. she stands up and says that she doesn't want anything to eat and that he is a pig. the girl tells the guy that he is a fat ass, and a lazy slob. The guy is hurt. he calls her a bitch and starts to cry. the girl is all of a sudden sorry and decides in an act of solidarity to save the relationship by drinking a glass of the o.j.. she drinks the juice, and a minute later she is on the floor. The drink is poisoned. the guy chuckes as he looks down at her, dying. He says "i told you that you'd regret it if you broke your diet."