Asher Mixtape Hell 2


            I studied photography in college. 


            Whenever talking about my work, I tend to open with this sentence. It seems good to start at the beginning: 


I studied photography in college. 

            I studied photography in college.

            I studied photography in college. 


            Once, in college, I had asked a friend for a mixtape, and he gave me a drawing. It said Asher Mixtape Hell. I kept it on my wall. Sometimes I suspected that the drawing was getting kind of personal. It had my name on it. Was did Asher Mixtape Hell mean?  Was it a criticism? A joke? What was my friend telling me? 


            Was I in Hell?


            A few years later I made a book called Asher Mixtape Hell. It was a collection of photographs taken in my apartment in college. A lot of them had been shot as a way to learn how to make photographs. These were pictures of nothing. There were a lot of photographs with Asher Mixtape Hell in them. The writing was on the wall. There was the title. 


            Asher Mixtape Hell 2 is a sequel to Asher Mixtape Hell.  After Asher Mixtape Hell I thought maybe I could start taking pictures the way I did in college, but this time it would be OK. I'd still be in Hell, but maybe I could forget about college. Obviously, that's impossible. I started taking pictures in my apartment.



-Asher Penn, NY, 2009



Asher Mixtape Hell 2 corresponds with the release of Penn's latest book, a 550-page collection of images from photographic sessions taken over the past 3 years. Penn has selected a portfolio of 32 photographs from these series and presented each using the cover template for the book.  


Asher Penn received his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. He currently lives and

works in New York. Asher Mixtape Hell 2 will be his first solo exhibition with Young Art.

The opening reception will be held Saturday November 21st from 7 -10pm and will be on view through December 13, 2009. Young Art is located in the Women's Building 1727 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles CA 90012.