Ruth Sela
A Very Freckled Frog

Jack Vance
Araminta Station

Nora Roberts
The Hollow


Ana Enquist

Bob Dylan

Nancy Kress

Peter Prange
The Princess

Rav Sagie
All The Roads

Robert Silverberg

Asher Kravitz
The Jewish Dog

William Golding
The Lord of The Flies

Anita Brookner
A Friend From England

Orly Caster Bloom
Winter Life

Douglas Adams
Life, The Universe and Everything

Hunter S. Thompson
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Benni Barbash
My First Sony

Lily Perry
Dancing On The Water

Shulamit Gilboa
Deadly Woman

Bruce Sterling
Mirror Shades

Edna Mazya
An X-Ray Burst

Joan Anderson
A Year By The Sea

Nora Roberys
The Pagan Stone

Nora Robers
Blood Brothers

Erica Jong
Fear Of Flying